Energy Points

Gently focussing your awareness on these energy points during your practice, be that Mindfulness, Meditation, Qi Gong or Tai chi,  will help with more than just relaxation, balance and focus.


Laogong – Palace of weariness (Labour or effort)

Pericardium P8 Massaging in Clears Heart Heat, calms the Shen(Spirit). Found in the center of the palm, between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones, closer to the 3rd metacarpal bone. When a fist is made, the point is where the tip of the middle finger touches.

Baihue (Crown) GV 20

In acupuncture, it is known as Du Mai 20 (百会), the point where the body’s Yang energy naturally converges. In kundalinitantra and other Indian yogas, this point is named the Sahasrara (crown) chakra. In many esoteric traditions, Bai Hui is regarded as the gate between Man and Heaven.


Yong Quan (K1) Bubbling Well/Spring 

Yongquan is the point through which we connect with the Yin energy of the earth. It has a rooting, grounding effect and can be used to reduce anxiety, nervousness,agitation & insomnia . Applying pressure to this point can activate it, but also simply focusing our attention on it as we press the balls and front arch of the feet into the floor will activate its centering and grounding effects

Huan Tiao  (GB -30) – Jumping round 


Located on the lateral side of the buttocks,  this point is at the junction of the lateral 1/3 and medial 1/3 of the line connecting the greater trochanter and the hiatus of the sacrum. Acupressure activates the meridian and removes obstructions, benefits the hips and legs, resolves Wind-Damp, relieves pain and can reduce Lumbar pain.

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