Thoughts on nothing

We are the lucky ones for we shall die.’ as there is an infinite number of possible forms of DNA all but a few billions of which will never burst into consciousness. – Frank Close

yin yangThe Wuji is the often overlooked circle that contains the Yin & Yang within. Originally it was conceived as representing the ultimate,  the boundless and infinite, later it came to describe the primordial universe in Taoism. Where Yin and Yang are symbiotic, and, depending on the perspective, constantly cycling between positive and negative, hot and cold, light and dark; they define the reality of all ‘things’.

Try to imagine nothing, and our mind high jacks the non-thought with a carpet bombing of random thoughts, tasks, & worries. So what is nothing? Can we conceive of such a boundless and abstract concept? If we try to think back into our past our earliest memory, is it possible to go further back? What was there before we were?

What mindfulness and meditation can create, for us, is the chance to be ‘just’ ourselves in the here and now.  When we engage in Meditation, Qi Gong or Tai Chi; we are conditioning the mind to just exist in the present, when thoughts of past or future interrupt we bring our awareness back to the intention held within the task; be that breathing, focus or movement, it is through this repetition that the reflex is conditioned and control is reached; this is why regular practice is so important.




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