Moving from the centre, grounding, rooting….relaxed strength. It can all get a bit confusing but there are 5 main Jing energies within Taiji Chuan:

Peng, Sung,Lu, Ji, & An

Peng Jin

Peng translates as Ward Off and is often thought of as an outward expanding and moving energy that bounces incoming force back as if you were pushing or shoving on a large inflated rubber ball.

The practitioner using Peng energy is very strong and immovable in their stance although not stiff or rigid in any way

Sung Jin

Tai Chi is one of the more deadly self defense methods out there. Softness is one of the key reasons Tai Chi is so deadly.

Soft is power. Any tension in the body cuts off power. The softer you are the more power you can get to the end of your strike.

Softness lets you take a hit without any damage. The softer you are the more you can feel.

When you are soft enough to feel tension in the opponent you can direct the force or your strikes to their tension. When you are soft enough to feel their heart or kidneys then you can attack their heart or kidneys with your strikes.

Peng is translated into English as Ward Off is classically considered to be the first posturally based Tai Chi energy taught to beginners.

Qualities Necessary for Peng Jing

  1. Wu Chi Alignment Principles – Particularly the head held up by a string with the rest of the body hanging
  2. Ground Path
  3. Sung (relaxed but not collapsed)
  4. Rooted & Heavy
  5. Alive, springy elastic and pliable compression ability in the soft tissue of the body giving the body the buoyant feel of a boat or ball on water.
  6. Ligament and tendon strength
  7. The “straight in the curve” body bows and spirals.
  8. Round Ball expansiveness in all directions at the same time that makes it so that your body space cannot be entered and at the same time deflects anything/one trying to enter off around the outer circle of the ball.
  9. Sensitivity to feel where the incoming force is coming from and neutralize it as well as draw power off of it.
  10. A healthy mix of physical and mental eventually becoming much more mental with only a bare minimum of physical necessary. Relax everything so that you use only as much as you need and no extra. Expand with your mind so that your mind creates the expression.


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